Have you thought about buying your child a gold name necklace? Many parents think that going for real 14K gold is an extravagance not worth spending on kids. But in our experience, if you have enough budget for a 14k gold name necklace there’s no reason to stop you.


Here’s what parents are saying:

  1. Responsibility – Buying a child a valuable piece of jewelry can help them learn to take care of things and learn the value of money. Get a gift box or jewelry box to store the jewelry, take it out and polish it, and add the ritual of responsibility to your child’s daily routine.
  1. Long Term Value – Solid 14K gold is always a good value. When your child has outgrown the style of the name necklace or wants something else most jewelers can take any piece of solid 14k gold jewelry in trade.
  1. Easier to Care for – Our gold plated necklaces are 24k over sterling silver and our sterling silver name necklaces are 925 stamped. And even though we know that our necklaces will last longer than cheaper metals, 14k gold is still the most easy to care for metal out there. Your child will never have to worry about damaging the metal in swimming pools, showers, or from oxidization.
  1. Spoiling is Fun – For parents and grandparents who can afford 14k gold we say “why not” go for it. There is no rule that says you can’t spoil your kids with luxurious jewelry. And let’s be realistic here – our name necklaces in 14k are all under or around $200 so it’s not that outrageous.
  1. The Gift that Grows – If you choose a classic design, the size of the name we offer is a regular size – some of our competitors do “tiny” or “child” sized necklaces; we do only full sized. This means that as your child grows, it will be easy to take the necklace to any jeweler to swap out the chain for something longer.
  1. Durable – As we mentioned above, 14k gold is much more durable than other materials. It means not only that it’s easier to care for, but that it will last longer as it endures the busy life of a child.
  1. Bragging Rights – Now we don’t want to encourage competition, but we know how kids are. They want the latest brands, the hottest styles – and for some kids it’s also important to have gold jewelry. Now most kids can’t tell the difference between 14k gold and gold plated, for some kids having 14k can be a real confidence booster (whether it’s 14k or not!)