Gold is huge this fall! Be fabulous in real 14K gold jewelry that's awesome for this season's looks, but timeless enough to last a lifetime.

Check out our top picks!

14k-gold-carrie-style-classic-name-necklace-gp13-color-gold-e4c Classic "Carrie" style

14k-gold-allegro-in-love-gp17-color-gold-da0 Classic name necklace with swooshes and a heart
14k-gold-delicate-calligraphy-name-necklace-gp316-color-gold-48f Calligraphy style name necklace with artistic underline
14k-gold-kayla-print-style-gp130-color-gold-73d Print style with serif
14k-gold-gianna-handwriting-style-gp101-color-gold-e14 Handwriting print style
14k-gold-ballantine-script-name-necklace-gp305-color-gold-63d Gentle script with classic look
14k-gold-harlem-roller-rink-style-gp170-color-gold-370 Old school roller rink style

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