Sterling silver is one of the most popular materials of personalized jewelry that we sell. And it’s not really surprising because it’s really a beautiful metal. You don't want to miss these tips to keep your sterling silver in top condition!


1. Polish it. Using cream polish or just a cloth, it’s easy to keep the shine on your personalized jewelry for a lifetime. It takes just a second and you don’t need to be an expert to do it right.


2. Avoid chemicals. While sterling silver is pretty versatile, it’s biggest weakness is exposure to chemicals. Most shampoos, soaps & conditioners will put a light dullness to silver, but some that have sulphuric compounds can permanently discolor your silver so much so that it’s really ruined. Avoid wearing in the shower, remove sterling before swimming, and especially before entering spas/pools where water may have unusual levels of minerals that can erode silver.


3. Don’t bend it. So this seems obvious, but sometimes it seems easier to just give a ring a hard squeeze instead of resizing it. This isn’t a good idea because it’s very very difficult for you to return it to its original shape. And if you bend it enough, it could break.


4. Store it well. The reason why sterling starts tarnishing is because of the small amount of copper used in making 925 sterling starts corroding and gets discolored when it’s in contact with air. Storing silver in airtight bags or containers away from pollutants is your best bet if you’re going to keep them away for a while. If in a regular jewelry box, try one that shuts closed instead of leaving your jewelry sitting out.


5. Be gentle! When you’re polishing your jewelry or just showing it off, keep in mind that it can be scratched and even permanently damaged. Use only cloths made specifically for cleaning silver and don’t try DIY cleaning things your mom posts on Facebook. Baking soda, toothpaste could scratch, dull, or corrode your sterling silver.


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