Our name necklaces, monogram pendants, and personalized jewelry is made from 14k gold. It’s stamped and has been inspected by experts so that we could sell on Amazon. You know you’re getting 100% real gold when you buy from us. Once you get your 14k gold necklace from us, you might notice that your old necklace could be fake.


100% Foolproof Methods to Test for 14k Gold

Chemical Acid Test

For those folks with nitric acid laying around – avid jewelry collectors might have this – it’s easy to see if gold is real or not. Scratch a tiny piece of your gold necklace (where nobody will see it) and pour just a drop or two of nitric acid onto it. If your gold is real, nothing will happen. If your gold is fake, it will turn green. And if your gold is actually gold plated sterling silver, it will turn milky.


Next Best Method 14k Gold Test

Jeweler’s Tests

Take your necklace to a reputable jewelry and find out what they have to say. They’ll have scratch pads that they can even tell you what karat your jewelry is! The key is to find someone you know and trust.

Skin Reactiveness Test

Real gold does not react with the chemicals in your skin or cause any discoloration. If you’re wearing a ring or necklace and notice blackening or greening, your necklace definitely isn’t solid gold.

Stamp Check

If you’re ordering from a reputable place, the stamp on your necklace will indicate the type of gold. But like any counterfeit items, there is a possibility for forgery. Real gold will have its karats stamped and sometimes a jeweler’s stamp and a country of origin stamp. Gold plated sterling silver will be stamped 925.


Gold Detection Methods Not Recommended

Magnetism Test

Gold is not magnetically charged, therefore if you take any normal magnet, it won’t attract the gold. But there are lots of materials that have no magnetic charge – plastic being one of them. If you’re looking for a good way to see if your necklace is gold, this isn’t it.

Sink or Float

Real gold sinks and sinks fast. But so do rocks. Using the float test isn’t a proof positive way to see if your gold necklace is real. You can discover if it’s a bad fake, but it won’t verify whether it’s real or not.