Top 5 Styles To consider When Shopping For Christian Name Necklaces

  1. 8 Point Star

  2. Cross Charms

  3. Guardian Angel

  4. Christian Fish

  5. Jesus Cross

Christian themed jewelry has and always will be worn by anyone wishing to share their love and commitment to their faith. Pop icons, actors and supermodels have worn cross jewelry and other religious artifacts as accessories throughout modern history. Cher, Jennifer Anniston, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Naomi Campbell all adorn their bodies with significant religious items.

8 Point Star

This 8 Point Star Initial Name Necklace has an intricate design that has been an iconic symbol for many world religions. If you are looking for an alternative way to share your faith then this is a great option.

Cross Charms

If you are searching for a way to share your Christianity with the world but would prefer a modest take, then this design is the perfect fit. The classic name necklace can be personalized with the name or nickname of your choice. It is designed using the finest 14K gold and will add a touch of luxury to your collection. If you are wondering what gift to get for any occasion, weddings, birthdays or just to show how much you care then this is a great option.

Guardian Angel

This is a very traditional image that is perfect to remind someone you love and care for that their Guardian Angel is always out for them. This charming delicately designed Name Necklace is made with 925 sterling silver and gold plated in 24K gold. It is sure to bring comfort and be treasured for a life time.

Christian Fish


This is a great design for anyone wanting to share their faith with the world whilst it encompasses the classic symbols it has a very fresh modern feel. If you want to gift someone for their birthday or even as a stocking filler for Christmas then this modern Christian Fish is an ultra modern choice.

Jesus Cross

This is another more modern design choice with a mass appeal. Both young and old seem to adore this fresh bold way of sharing their faith with the world. It is a great gift for confirmation, baptism or birthdays. It is designed with a 925 Sterling Silver base plated with solid 24K Gold.

Are  you joining in with the “mania of the moment” according to the Vatican or looking for the perfect gift?

Either way select your favorite style and have fun personalizing it.