Personalized Name Necklaces, genuine royals like Kate Middleton and pop icons such as  Beyoncé and Madonna all seem to be making it meaningful.

How They Personalize their bling.

  • Mothers necklaces with Initials or birthstone
  • Initials
  • Word Play
  • Nicknames

Mothers Necklaces,

When it comes to personalized name necklaces, the mothers name necklace is here to stay with so many celebs proudly wearing their children's names. Hilary Duff is seen below in a make-up free pose with her "Luca" classic script name necklace.

(Screengrab via hillaryduff/Instagram)


Taylor Swift makes a bold statement defending her choice to wear her boyfriend's initials on a personalized name necklace. "Not Because he owns me, but cause he really knows me!"

(Screengrab via kanaswift13/Instagram)

If you want to share your love with the world and get his initials on your own name necklace, take a look at this.

Celtic Flower Initial Pendant Laser-Cut Old English Initial, Sterling Silver

(Screengrab via vinni343/Instagram)

Word Play,

You can really let your creativity run wild when it comes to designing your very own personalized name necklace. Rihanna has become known for her branded and personalized name necklaces. Vesace and other major designer labels enjoy this exposure. The launch of Fenty Beauty Rihanna's hot new make-up line meant yet another personalized necklace. She has a modern chunky block style "Fenty".


If you have a special word or phrase you would like to share with the world check this out.

Blocky Print Name Necklace, Sterling Silver


When it comes to Nicknames  Beyoncé is setting the trend with this classic script name necklace sharing with the world "Yonce" It comes with added bling with 2 diamonds set inside the "Y".

Want to get this look? Check out our fabulous diamond name necklace.

Diamond Name Necklace, 14k White Gold with Diamond Studded First Letter

(Screengrab via  Beyoncé /Instagram)


We have shown you how the celebrities are loving the personalized name necklace. You can choose one of the styles above or mix and match with several personalized pieces, varying the chain lengths to create your own on trend layered look.