Personalized necklaces are in fashion. Here are 3 different ways to style your name necklaces.

  • Layered look - pair several personalized pieces
  • Mix chunky with delicate charm name necklaces
  • Zodiac - Taking personalized to a new level

Layered Look 

The layered look allows for lots of fun when it comes to selecting your personalized pieces.

Combine an initial necklace on a long chain with a medium name necklace and then a short chain with a symbol that shows off your personality.

Luxe Single Initial in Sterling Silver

New Script Name Necklace, 24k Gold Plated

The glam Kim Kardashian shows how to perfect the layered look with delicate pendants.



(Screengrab Via kimkardashian/Instagram)

Mix chunky with delicate charm name necklaces

The alternative this year to a delicate layered look is to mix up your collection of chunky statement pieces with 2 or 3 delicate charm necklaces. You will achieve a statement look that will definitely get noticed.

(Screengrab via amygetsdressed/Instagram)

Zodiac - Taking personalized to a new level

Personalized name jewelry is here to stay. A new trend is to take the personalized to a deeper level with adding in the zodiac sign of the wearer. This look can be combined with the layered look or worn on it's own as a statement piece.

Sarah Jessica Parker, known for trend setting in the hit T.V series Sex and The City loves her personalized pieces when she is off screen. Seen below wearing a zodiac necklace.

(Screengrab via sarahjessicaparker/Instagram)

To get your very own personalized Zodiac look check this out.

Cancer Sign Name Necklace, Sterling Silver

The necklaces that are in fashion are personalized. Select your style and have fun with it and remember you can mix things up to keep your look fresh.